Expressivism -- voicing one's inner and outer truths in writing -- is mutually compatible with social constructivism, dialogism and contemporary discourse theory

The Digital Humanities & Ethnographic Comprehensive Compendium Sites that I Am Working On

I recently purchased two new domain names that I plan to put up comprehensive compendiums of information on that I have gathered from my surveys of the internet in these areas.  One site is called, and my research into the digital humanities goes back over twenty years when I taught an anthology called Reading Digital Culture at Georgia Tech in 2000. The other site is called and will include a compendium of information in ethnography, the arts, investigative journalism, performance studies, documentary, cultural studies and poetics, and I already created and designed this site beginning in 2008 under a different url called ethnog and then inadvertently let it drop in 2014.  These are both big projects that hopefully will provide the resources that scholars and writers need in these areas. Sincerely, Diane K. Olson


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