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Liberatory writing pedagogy embraces expressivism as a method of overcoming writer's block and getting thoughts and analyses out on the open page

Liberatory writing pedagogy embraces expressivism as a method of overcoming writer's block and getting your thoughts and analyses out there on the open page.   This expressivist method of writing about whatever comes to mind is freeing and liberating to a writer experiencing writer's block for whatever reason.  Let's try expressivist writing here:  recently, I found a new online free software for writers called Substack allows you to publish newsletters and podcasts and have them delivered directly into your subscribers' email inboxes each week.  It is pretty cool software, totally for free, but also allows you to make a subscriber-based income off of your writing and audios. Now, I have been blogging for eighteen years, beginning with in 2004, and I love to blog about a whole gamut of interdisciplinary topics; however, blogging seldom produces an income except when you have paid advertising. Now, I had google adsense on some of my blogs in 2011; however, in 2013, Google took adsense away from me because a relative of mine clicked on an advertisement on my blog at the same home Internet address that I had registered my gmail/google account in 2004.  I know, more testimony to the fact that we are being surveilled by the google corporation; however, they did not get it right in their reason for discontinuing my account because I did not click on my own adsense advertisements like google claimed -- it was my relative visiting my blog.     So, anyway, I have been blogging for free to my readers since 2004 for the most part, and while I enjoy blogging, as I said earlier, I am looking forward to making an income on and any other revenue-generating software that I find out there on the internet.   Right now, my substack url is, and I have started writing on personal issues and concerns of mine from this past year and having been hospitalized for no good reason in Iowa City and Dubuque, which kept me away from my blogging and writing projects for a total of eight plus months in 2021 and 2022.  Not fun, to say the least, and those hospitalizations were, by all appearances, intended to shut me up and silence me as an online writer and blogger and most importantly, a feminist blogger and faith-based blogger and minister. I have a right to say that and make that assessment without retaliation, too.    Anyway, I am soon to start writing on my substack account about issues in ethnography and poetics -- two of my areas of specializations -- after I finish venting about what the hospitals and doctors did to me. I am a naturopath, meaning I eat a healthy vegetarian diet while taking herbs and vitamins, so the hospitals in Iowa City and Dubuque totally messed-up my health and my health regiments.  Anyway, that is all of the free-writing and expressing for today.  I am also on the academic job market in composition studies/theory and rhetoric and ethnography and communication studies right now, so am busy with those applications and scouting the internet for jobs.   Thank you for reading and listening.  Much more to come on ethnography, liberatory writing pedagogies and poetics in the near future. Sincerely, Dr. Diane K. Olson