Still being held hostage and viciously dehumanizing-- they are so disrespectful to me as a
No disappointment, the universities, colleges, curriculum, campuses are still being planned for Lutheran Liberatory University

Tonight they -- the hostage-takers-- have threatened me with violent & abusive procedures again

Friends and colleagues,  I am being called to testify before the Hague, the principal judicial organ of the United Nations, once more via wire and I also, remain in the witness protection program at a national (United States) and international level.  This is a serious situation because my constitutional (American) rights and human rights are being perpetually violated, especially as an investigative journalist and blogger (they are retaliating against me with forced, abusive procedures aimed to kick me unconscious and take my life, as they have acknowledged trying to do while laughing at me, which is vicious persecution, in the operating room --which I have been persecuted in over seventy (70) times and physically tortured.  Sincerely, DR. DIANE K OLSON


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