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Still being held hostage and viciously dehumanizing-- they are so disrespectful to me as a

I, Dr. Diane K. Olson, am being held hostage and abused in vicious retaliation for my political blogging in Iowa, as of August 25th, 2021

I, Dr. Diane K. Olson, am being held hostage in Iowa at "Mercy One" in vicious and cruel retaliation for my political blogging and online journalism.  This hostage situation is being run by self-professed catholics and conservatives who don't like my political blogging and investigative journalism.  There has been physical abuse against me and human rights abuses against me while I have been held hostage.  This is a violation of my first amendment rights.  They have been slandering and defaming me in a twisted attempt to justify the abuse and detention.  Again, this is happening in Iowa. Sincerely, Dr. Diane K. Olson, professor of composition studies and cultural studies


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