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True poetry and prose have feelings to them -- texts and textual analysis commonly do not

"Too little care ..." by Dr Kurt Spellmeyer

Please do a google search for the college english article "Too little care ..." by Dr Kurt Spellmeyer of Rutgers university.  The article is located on the Rutgers site as a pdf file.  I have had my own copy since the 1990's.  Yes, there has been too little care and even sexism in my case in what I have gone through as a female academic and teacher and scholar.  I am also becoming more and more convinced that ualbany and it's relatively new faculty and a few long-time people at drake have had something to do with the abductions and trying to silence me through these viscious hostage situations.  Where is the care and  compassion ualbany?!? Where is the care and compassion drake people?!?  Sincerely, dr diane k olson





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