The hostage and abduction situation ongoing-- serious
Trust me, globe-trotting transnationalists you will NOT continue dismantling composition studies at its home institution suny albany

The hostage and abduction situation ongoing-- serious

They came in with force 4 deputies or agents at the beginning of September--- as cold as could be. Folks, there is nothing wrong with me yet they took me to a section of a shady hospital that had been completely redesigned by the principal financial group whose logo was displayed in the hallway. At this cold hospital, there was biochemicals or nerve agents in the air or ventilation system, also in the awful food and they used torture techniques against me with interrogation after interrogation.  Nearly every doctor or nurse had unprofessional tattoos all over their bodies.  The nurse who acted like my doctor was from Russia and tortured me physically.  Yes, this was in des moines, iowa . How awful and all of this after a previous year and a half of being held hostage --without my cellphone for a year and a half and abused during that duration, too. I asked the nurses on several occasions where they got their degrees at and two said Harvard --wo uld you believe---and others said ivan Allen college in Waterloo, iowa and dmacc ankeny. Also, the deputy or agent who drove me to dubuque which i had no choice in wore a Duke university facial mask and when asked said that his wife went to Duke.  How awful to be treated this way and not protected as an intellectual by universities or a minister by churches -- because I have been writing about sexism in a local megachurch that I attended.  This is a hostage situation in dubuque and there has been verbal abuse and efforts to take over my finances to imprison me without financial resources and discontinued my apt lease in west des moines without my permission. Sincerely and in all seriousness, dr diane k olson




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