Poetics is the discourse of the marginalized and oppressed
"Too little care ..." by Dr Kurt Spellmeyer

January posts have been abbreviated due to only having a cellphone to post on -- thank you for your patience!

Posts are temporarily abbreviated because I only have a cellphone to post on.  I hope to be back to my computer and journal -- where I have at least a dozen more posts planned -- within the month, if not sooner.  Would you believe that I went a year and a half without a laptop or cellphone to write on, while these people/corps held me captive in northern iowa from Oct 2018 to july 2020!?! How awful and how illegal. And they would take all my clothes, too, and make me ask for clothes when getting dressed.  They would also watch me shower.  Let me tell you, it was something like out of nazi Germany right here in iowa. They had us trapped  and locked in, it was so awful.  I am a professional university teacher/professor folks and blogger and ethnographer, and there was no professional assistance which is unconscionable and which makes ualbany and drake responsible and liable, too. Yes, just like nazi germany. Sincerely and in all seriousness, dr. Diane k olson
















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