I plan on publishing my brainy heart and comp mafia blogs as books in the coming months
They're attempting to use stigmatization to silence an outspoken intellectual in my case

Injustice after injustice after injustice

IN 2004, I designed, created and wrote a website called trustmatter taking on us bank's serious fraud of a family member's trust and other trusts of the elderly in this nation.  Yet in 2006, when visiting the library at drake university, my alma mater as a BA in english and cultural studies, I noticed that all of the atms on campus were us bank atms and a new branch of us bank had been built next to campus.  I wasn't happy with this situation, needless to say.  More to come on what started happening next in retaliation in 2006 -2007 by us bank when I was at the library and even at home.  Would you believe that they actually came after me in the drake library in 2007 and then once again in december of 2015 -- yes, us bank stalked me at home and on campus.  In 2007, my response was to move to iowa city where I worked with ACT evaluate written exams for the state department in DC.   ACT was contracted to evaluate written exams for the state department by condoleeza rice.  Even yet more later.  Sincerely, dr diane k olson


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